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The website is a great mailing system that you can use to promote your links along with a mail body and a subject that you can write for yourself. This way, you will get visitors who are targeted because they have already read what you are offering and only click your link if they are interested in your services. Here are some of the features presented on AdvertisingForSuccess marketing platform:

What you can do:

  • Email other marketers and potential customers for free
  • Earn money viewing other people's ads on your mobile and computer
  • Earn credits and prizes by reading emails, and clicking banners and text ads.
  • Advertise your banners for free
  • Advertise your text ads for free
  • Play fun games for a chance to WIN account upgrades*, login ads and great advertising
  • Earn 20% commissions on all your referral purchases
  • Send premium solo ads

* Account upgrades entitle you to easier than ever advertising with lots of fun prizes and great bonuses.

Advertising should result in success and with truly free tools presented by the website owner, Marty Petrizza, who is a trusted and successful woman in the online marketing world, you can, too, succeed.

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