Start Accepting Crypto on Your Website for FREE!

Cryptocurrencies are reshaping what we think of money. It's easier than ever to get a wallet and start sending and receiving money right at home. You don't need a bank account, and you surely don't need to get out of your bed to earn money with Crypto. 

All you have to do is have something to offer online. Whether you are designing stuff, or you are selling your books online, you can set up your store to accept Cryptocurrencies.

The first step, of course, would be having a secure payment gateway for your website that allows you to receive Bitcoins (and a huge number of other coins - which you choose really) easily and with minimum fees. is a secure sending/receiving platform for Cryptocurrencies. You can both send funds and receive them and as easily as counting from 1 to 3. 

It has many benefits for its users. I am going to mention some of them here:

Access 2,010+ cryptocurrencies on the go

Whether you are a business owner, a Crypto user or someone who is just starting to know about internet, you can use CoinPayments for the purposes of finding yourself financial freedom. The program offers 2000+ cryptocurrencies on the go. 

This means that you can start trading, sending, and receiving payments with all the coins you love.

Convert your crypto

You can convert your coins to one another and with amazingly low fees. This is perfect if you know what you are doing with the world of coin trading.

Buy crypto with your credit card

Easily buy any cryptocurrency with your credit card. You will be paying securely on one of the most secure networks on earth. You can start anytime, thanks to the easy setup process of CoinPayments.

Buy prepaid credit cards

WOW, this is amazing. If you can't get a physical card at your location. You can simply use your Cryptocurrency to buy them here. This is amazing if you are in a restricted area.

Unlock 100+ gift cards from Adidas, Uber, & more

This needs no more elaboration. Just go sign up for free and start exploring the possibilities.

Accept donations on any webpage (blog/website,...)

With this amazing offer, you can get started on receiving donations on your website. It's fast, easy and totally FREE. 

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