Which Game Should I Play on Neobux?


Neobux has a feature where you can play games and earn money. This is a great way to earn on Neobux for a few reasons:

  • You can earn money using your mobile phone. (unlike clicking advertisements which can only be done using your computer)
  • You can earn up to $0.1 daily only by playing games. (That's $1.00 after only 10 days)
  • You can use this money to get our Neobux Success Strategy going faster than ever. (Thank you, Neobux!) 

The question is "Which game should I choose to play to be efficient?". Well we have the answer for you...

Neobux requires you to play at least 2 minutes and have a score higher than zero per session. You can win or lose and that doesn't matter. The only problem is, you can waste your time if you are playing games that are taking longer than 2 minutes. The solution is choosing the right games to play.

Our recommendation is for you to play Space Hunt which is inside the ARCADE category. In this game, you have 2 minutes to earn points by swapping, matching and combining planets and making them disappear. It's a fun game and is 99% of the time automatic with earning points in the first seconds. So all you have to do is click PLAY NOW, wait for the game to start after the ad (you can skip the ad) and play.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you have completed the 2-minute game, you must click "continue" and then on the next page press either "Play Again" or "All Games" (red buttons) to be credited the $0.001 per game.

NOTE: You must enable Adobe Flash Player on your browser on your computer to be able to play games.

Continue playing daily to get amazing results.

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