Which Traffic Exchange Sites Give The Most Referral Bonuses?

Best traffic exchanges for rewards

 Traffic exchanges are a great place to earn free website visitors to your websites and program; however, you can use them as a means of earning money and FREE upgrades.
It's always advised to keep track of the latest traffic exchanges which have come to life. These exchange systems allow you to get bonuses for 1. being one of their first members, and 2. referring your friends and colleagues to their website. Here I will post the link for the latest traffic exchanges so you can join and start getting bonuses:Join now by clicking on the links below:
Up to $1.75 bonus per active referrals

No upgrades available! Everything is free!

50% for OTOs and 65% for any other purchase
Monthly referral contest is open 

bizeemtraffic.com NEW

This one started on December 1st 2023 and is giving away free custom banners designed for your activity as a free member. You can also receive a daily surfing reward of $1.00 for surfing 800 pages.


  1. Joined HitsGator. It seems like a new place. I will keep digging.

    1. Congratulations! It will be a great place to be. Make sure you take a look at their referral program.

  2. Add TrafficG to this bunch :)


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