UPDATED: NEW Neobux Strategy (2024)

Neobux 2020 Strategy


Neobux is one of the most widely trusted PTCs you could find online and it has already paid millions of Dollars to its members; however, to earn real money using this PTC you will need to have a strategy on which you can depend. Join Neobux here and follow the steps below: (If you have already joined, skip that part ;))

GOLDEN Rules to follow when using this guide {updated December 2023}:
  • Be consistent (click ads every single day)!
  • Be patient (it's like a startup; it will only require your time. You don't need to invest)!
  • Activate AdAlert (at the bottom of the page right next to Support) to get notified of new ads!
  • Click All AdPrizes daily to earn POINTS (you can use points to recycle and extend referrals later)
  • Upgrade to Gold if you can!

Note: Here you will see how to make serious money with your FREE Standard Account and without even referring a single direct referral. Just follow the instructions below.
1. Click on 'View Advertisements' found in your 'Account Summary' page. For you who are a free member there will be a likelihood of 8 to 16 ads per day. View all and make sure you are told that ' $0.001 was credited to your account' after the timer runs out on all ads.

2. Do this procedure everyday until you get $2 in your account and then click on 'referrals' button which is again found in your account summary. Buy 10 referrals and turn Auto-pay ON (this is really important). (you have to keep clicking everyday besides all steps. So don't forget to click every single day or you will lose referral clicks)

NOTE: You can alternatively go for 15 referrals after making it to $3 account balance.
NOTE: This auto-pay will deduce one click from the four daily clicks made by any referrals in order to pay for one day of the referral and this helps you save on referral extension.

3. Check the activity of your referrals and if they are inactive for more than 5 days, select them and choose 'I want to Recycle them' in the drop down menu. This will replace the inactive referral with a new active one.

4. Continue the process! Rent referrals (5 per week, not more) weekly when the silver button 'referrals' turns GREEN. (and check their activity, repeat step 3 if necessary) till you have 300 referrals. This will take time, but it's OK for someone who has aimed for his/her future (constant 1,500 Dollars per month).

5. Now, don't buy more referrals. Let your balance build up to 90 Dollars and upgrade your membership.

6. Now, you can start buying referrals till you have 2,000 (the maximum allowed) and you can start cashing out then. You should be making at least $30 a day.

Good luck!


  1. I have been working on something like this for a few months now. These strategies work! Thanks for sharing for all to enjoy!


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