Never MISS an ad on Neobux! (Learn how!)

Neobux has recently added a new feature to it, with which you will never miss an advertisement. You have of course noticed some ads which come and go so fast that you are always late to click them. With this tiny program, you are alerted every time a new ad appears on Neobux View advertisements page.

SUPPORTED BROWSERS ARE: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge

  • Login to your Neobux (if not a member, join here)!
  • Go to this page, or you can click AdAlert at the bottom of your Neobux page!
  • Choose your browser, and follow the instructions!
  • After installing and running the add-on, click on the little Neobux icon on your browser and click options and select a sound in your panel. Enter password and save changes. Restart your browser! 
  • Now every time a new ad comes on you will be alerted. So you won't miss any ads. ;)

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